Conor Parrish

Developer, Entrepreneur, Technical Leader

Co-Founder at Hearth
Boulder, CO · (720) 209-5425 ·

I am a developer with skills and experience across the stack, from DevOps all the way up to front end design. Through starting my own company, I gained enthusiasm for working with customers to understand their needs and set requirements. I thrive most in collaboration with others, and I work to make an immediate, positive impact.




Bootstrapped the development of a smart home hardware product from the ground up through rigorous customer development, project management, and focused programming work. I especially enjoyed working on the technology stack from hardware all the way through mobile app, as well as customer development and project management.

September 2017 - present



As Director of HackCU, Colorado's largest collegiate hackathon, I slashed costs and scaled the event from 150 to 600 participants with a focus on inclusivity. The result is one of CU Boulder's most beloved student-run events, hosting participants from all over the world for 24 hours of fun projects.

March 2016 - May 2018

Software Engineering Intern

Visa, Inc.

As a member of Visa’s Network Processing team, I revamped critical internal data visualization tools and deployed my solutions to the company’s worldwide network.

Summer 2017

Lead Web Designer

ASSETT (OIT), CU Boulder

I trained new employees and led the technical process of redesigning and migrating dozens of university department websites onto a brand-new platform. By working closely with department leaders, we made a smooth, efficient transition.

March 2015 - October 2016


University of Colorado Boulder

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
GPA 3.6
August 2014 - May 2018


In addition to my coding skills, I excel in customer development, graphic design, and conversational Spanish. I have the ability to self-teach and procure important information with minimal supervision.

Programming Languages & Tools

By fully understanding the fundamental principles of programming languages, I adapt efficiently to new software stacks and environments, resulting in diverse, flexible abilities in programming and web development.

  • Strong Object-Oriented Principles
  • Full-Stack Abilities
  • Customer Development


Apart from writing code, I spend most of my time outside. In the summer, I climb mountains, hike, and play several sports. In the winter, I am an avid skier and guitar player, and follow Denver sports.

Outside of Colorado, I enjoy traveling to as many countries as possible, most recently Japan and France.